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In hierdie video verduidelik ons faktore.


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We believe that everyone should have access to explanations

Owner - Gerrie Schoeman

Gerrie is so much invested in the teaching of Mathematics that he calls himself the "MathMechanic". He is absolutely passionate about Mathematics and helping people understand Maths.

Gerrie got involved in teaching Maths more than 20 years ago. He has participated in every single step of the evolution of online teaching in South Africa. You can phone him to ask him about his experiences!

Mathematics features in our lives every day and no-one believes this more than Gerrie. Unfortunately, the current state of affairs is such that few people realize this. As a result, Mathematics has gained a bad reputation as an "unnecessary" subject. Gerrie is out to disprove this and change people's hearts. It's a big task... but someone has to do it!

Gerrie is a passionate teacher and has a heart big enough to help everyone who wishes to speak to him. We often find him sending explanation videos or advice to learners late on a Sunday evening... just in time for the big test on Monday!

Owner - Stefan Van der Vyver

Stefan is a born teacher, lives in Cape town with his family and his guitars and he is interested in new product development, wood craft, radio control planes and playing.

Professionally he develops content using PHP, 3D Animation, Interactive content and builds eLearning courses.

Mathematics is a foundation for the work he does in software development, music creation, 3D animation and product design. What got him involved with Mathematics is his passion for teaching anyone who wants to learn new skills.